Kingsville has a population of 27,000.  Texas A&M University and the Naval Air Station Kingsville are the top economic drivers today. Growth the past 10 years has been very steady in an upward trend.  Job growth has been good, with a 16.9% increase in employment numbers.   

Naval Air Station Kingsville has approximately 2,100 civilian and military personnel at the base, with the majority contract employees (Rolls-Royce,, Fidelity, Lockheed-Martin), plus civilian government employees and active duty military. According to the Texas Comptroller’s Office, the annual economic impact of the base on the area is $816-million.

Texas A&M University – Kingsville is now the 3rd fastest growing public institution of higher learning in Texas.  Enrollment has boomed and projections in two years are 10,000 students.

Celanese has a large chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical plant north of Kingsville that has seen extraordinary growth the past three years.  Today they are the largest producer of bulk analgesics in the world, as well as a major producer of engineering resins (plastics).  Celanese continues to add products and workers.

King Ranch owns 825,000 acres in Kleberg and Kenedy Counties, and continues to be a major economic driver for the area with diversified agricultural products that include grain and cotton, along with cattle operations.

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